Biosensors Today


Biomedical Sensors constituted an estimated $9.554 billion dollar market in 2017 that is projected to reach $11.912 billion by 2023. Here is a Table of Top Company Innovators in the Biomedical Sensors Market.


For the evaluations:

For the table:—2015-2020

This article summarizes some of the innovations in contact lens biosensors:

“Google, through its biology offshoot, now named Verily Life Sciences, and the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis International, through its eye care division Alcon, joined forces to design, develop, and commercialize smart contact lenses for diabetics. If the project reaches its goals, these lenses will spare diabetics from the daily finger pricks typically used to measure blood glucose levels, instead employing embedded microelectronics to measure glucose in the wearer’s tears.”

“Our glaucoma lens directly measures IOP using piezoresistive strain sensors; these sensors contain electrical conductors that stretch under pressure, thus changing their resistance and providing a readout of IOP.”

“Many types of sensors have been developed for measuring the glucose in these tears. The best known is the electrochemical sensor devised by Babak Parviz while he was an electrical engineering professor at the University of Washington; he later became a director at Google and launched the Verily-Alcon smart-lens project. This sensor uses an enzyme that catalyzes glucose to create hydrogen peroxide, which is further oxidized at the electrode to release electrons, thus generating an electrical current proportional to the glucose concentration.”

“Other types of sensors use fluorescent or colloidal-crystal particles to provide an optical readout that indicates the amount of glucose present. For example, users could look in the mirror to check the color of tiny dots on their smart lenses.”





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